Ubique Academy is the high school that is everywhere, for everyone. Students and families from across Indianapolis have found a home here because we believe in learner-led, passion-based, real-world personalized learning that meets students where they are and supports them in every aspect of development. Whether learners come to us with established passions or simply need a new learning environment, our highly trained and caring team helps them design customized learning pathways made of in-person, online, community- and school-based experiences that are meaningful, challenging, and enriching.

On any given day, you will see students at our four hubs across the city working together, researching, writing, or making. You will see them receiving counseling, tutoring, and mentoring. You will see them at our city's museums and libraries, diving deeply into a course of study they designed. You will see them meeting with city leaders and residents, making change in their communities. You will see them in the park, reflecting and processing their experiences. They are everywhere: learning, thinking, doing. We are here: supporting them on the journey.

We're now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 school year. Be everywhere with us.